The Mystery of Love

Now when we can solve the mystery that God is love, it opens up for us a whole enlightenment. If we understand this simple statement, then we will know that every time that we’ve simply given to someone without any condition, we have felt this emergence of a feeling. How many of you have felt that extraordinary feeling when you give to someone unexpectedly? So be it. That feeling is love.
Furthermore when people fall in love they are actually falling into a giving situation to one another. That is why it is so powerful and magnetic. When people fall out of love it simply means that one is starting to take more and the other’s not giving any. And pretty soon that sweet feeling of giving begins to deteriorate because the idea or the loftiness behind the relationship loses love to the act of taking. But if you have felt this in giving to someone, and this is the magic feeling that happens when you are in love with someone, those feelings are the same feeling; they’re not any different. That’s the feeling.
Now imagine that feeling, if you will, people, on an eternal level as God. Do you understand now why, if that’s what it feels like, God has given to you endlessly? How many of you understand this? Because in the giving, it’s the love that God gives. God is in love with love! God is enamored with the feeling of giving, of allowing his body or her body to be remolded into a new kingdom. That feeling of giving is what God is. And every teacher that ever graced this plane has endeavored to teach that to the rabble in the marketplace and to teach it in a form that is both noble and respected. If we take then that all God is is love, You have been loved into being. You may not feel like it Sunday morning when you wake up from a long Saturday night. You may not feel like you’ve been loved into waking up. But there is a force called life that has loved you and got the sheer magnetic joy out of giving you life so that you could grumble about it on Sunday morning. Now is it not then an enigma that this wonderful feeling has eluded so many people for so long. Its moments have been fleeting, and there have been whole kingdoms that have perished and whole armies that have gone down to their death just because of love. And what man would no betray his own family for the sake of love? It seems to be the ultimate prize of this lifetime. And the truth is, it is.

Why? Because the moment unequal giving is expressed is the moment that you are the most godlike in your entire life. You want to be close to God? Then you be God. How do you be God? You give and you love. You give until you feel that love; then you are godlike. When you fall out of the grace of God, it isn’t that God has turned its back on you but rather you have forgotten the harmonious union of what love means.
And do you not emulate that in all of your relationships? Are you not looking for someone to love or to love you? Are you not looking for your children to love you? Are you not looking for your children to find love and to be happy? Are you not finding that you would like for your parents to find love and be happy Isn’t that what all your greeting cards are about? Isn’t it? It is. So if God then is love, then we open the mystery by saying what does that mean? It means that God is a giver; that God is a giver, not a taker. My old teacher was a giver and not a taker. And this noble entity allowed his past to pass away and continued to give until all the life left out of him.
If we study this then, let’s break this down into some forms here. Master Garola, would you put on the board: parents, mother, father, children, friends, foes, adults, lovers, husbandmen, wives. What have I left out? Dogs, cats… Pets? Pets. Neighbors, fellow masters. Wonderful! Why that’s a list in itself! Does this list represent love? Does it? How do you know that? How many of you were born? Let’s see this side of the room; how many of you were born?
1526616_569280999823293_1234922482_nNow how many of you think your parents were having fun the night you were conceived? How many of you think that at least one of them was having fun? How about this side of the room? At least one was having fun. So then you were conceived in a moment of give and take, were you not? How many of you agree? So you now are familiar with parents and that they’re called parents because, in their wonderful lust in which they share, they loved you into being. We have givers and takers; we have men and women. And we have them constructed so as to give and take. The men are obviously created to where they can place the seed in the inner nest of the female. That’s giving. And the woman takes. Then when the woman creates the child, she gives to the child and the child takes; right?
Now do parents represent creative love? How many of you agree? They do. Even for that one moment, even if the whole reason they were together is so that you could slip through that back door of incarnation. In that moment there was permission, wasn’t there? Now when we look at them in this light, we look at our parents a little differently. We understand then that they as human beings are also innately God. They who are clothed in human bodies are diversified and polarized into positive and negative. Positive and negative have to come together to create oneness. You understand? Now here we have love only for a moment. After the child is conceived there may be a lot of questioning about who really felt what that particular night. And after the child was born, then we feel that from our giving and our taking, we created, we did this; and from that we gave a new life. How many of you understand that?
So parents are human beings. They don’t know as much as you know, and I assure you that your children are going to know a great deal more than you know. But every time your parents expressed love, they did so through the giving nature of their being. And some of you are most fortunate indeed to have had parents who have stayed together, have been glued together, from that giving and taking situation. How many of you have had that? That is beautiful. Say what you will about your parents, but obviously there was a feeling that they recapture every now and then that keeps them together. That’s the glue; it is called love. How many of you understand? Now you are the product of that love. Is not childbirth then a noble profession? Is it not? And whether you like your life or not, it is a gift. And it is a gift of your mother and father coming together and copulating in a moment of high lust (love), and then you were created. It is really rather beautiful. So we have then a little problem here. How do you love your parents? Do you love your parents? How do you know you love your parents? What have you given to your parents lately? Well, we’re going to look at this. You say, “I love my parents, but they’re this, they’re that, they’re this, they’re that.” What do you do? Love is not about criticizing; it’s about giving. And if you truly loved your parents you would give them your respect. You would give to them love, you would give to them your attention, you would give to them your time. Isn’t God a giver? Aren’t children more or less takers? They are. So how are you faring in the parent department? How do you love your parents? How many of you have disappointed your parents? How many of you have never disappointed your parents? How many of you have been disappointed or hurt by your parents ever? Now often people confuse love with need. How many of you have ever seen or been around a very needy person? Needy people are takers. That’s all we have to say. That explains them very well. Now if a needy person is a taker, are they expressing love? How many of you understand? They’re not expressing love. They are in a state of need. Most people do not understand the difference between a state of need and a state of love. They only understand that their needs are not being met by somebody. And if their needs are not met then that usually causes a disappointment.
526965_10151157860008185_1175915972_nNow that need can be as small as having your mother or your father say they love you or that you did very well. Maybe they didn’t say that to you. In that case you would have been disappointed because you needed them to tell you that. But why did you need them to tell you that? Come on, this is very simple. This is going to become very enlightening in your lives after the event. Because you wanted your parents to recognize that you did something good. How many of you understand that? Now that is understandable with children. Now the problem with parents is that they were children once. Nobody came out of the womb bearded. And there are only a few species that are born pregnant. So all And more than likely children grow up to be parents according to the way they’ve been taught because we’ve all learned that how the brain has been taught is the way that it creates reality in response to its environment. Correct?
Now what happens when needy children become grown? How many of you are grown people and are needy? That’s okay. Go ahead; confession is good for the soul. I’m only going to bawl you out later!
Now I’m throwing this out at you because this bothers all of you. And I like to get in and I like to throw it out because I want you to get bothered by it because there is a point to learn about love. And that is that if we know that the most sublime feeling is the act of giving, that the act of giving is the nature of love itself, then very rarely are we, who are the givers, ever in a state of neediness because we are in a state of love.
How many of you have been so in love that nothing else mattered in your life? So you see that is what I’m talking about. When you’re in the state of love you’re in a state of God. When you’re in a state of God you’re not in a state of need; you’re in a state of bliss. But most people interpret that only with being in love with singular people. They have yet to find out that it encompasses all life and indeed that it encompasses all people. And that love has to be a 360-degree circle. It cannot be only 30 degrees of that circle. It must be all of it, like God is all of it. Do you understand? Now parents then should be revered and respected. But above all, the greatest love children can give to their parents is not to expect them to be anything other than what they want to be. Got you! You should love them unconditionally. In other words, when you are disappointed in your parents it is because you’re disappointed in yourself. It is because you haven’t given love to yourself. Your parents are human beings! They are Gods! In reality they’re really your brothers and sisters. So grow up and know that. And to honor your parents simply means do not hold them accountable for your life. Hold you accountable for your life. No matter what cries out in you, you take responsibility and give to your parents love and the latitude for them to be whatever they wish to be and support them. How many of you understand that?
Now what if your parents say, “I’m very disappointed in you. I don’t like what you’re studying. I don’t like that you’re raising cows. You should be in an office!” To insecure people that’s a shattering statement. And it happens every day. Every day parents are disappointed in children and children are appalled at parents. What if you say, “It is all right that you feel that about me. It is fine. I still love you.” What do parents do then? “You want me to sell my cows and go work in an office? Would that make you happier? Because I’m really very happy with you. I love you.” Is it ever all right to be criticized by your parents? It is all right! How many of you understand that? How many of you have criticized God? How many of you have criticized your God? Has your God struck you down? Are you still alive? Do you still have ulcers? They’re still there; the Void hasn’t been pulled out from under you. Now the moral here is that love should not be conditional and that it should be that which is the act of giving.
523926_10150901275998185_409306206_nWhen you give understanding to someone, that’s love. When you understand your parents, that’s forgiveness. And if that can be clean in you, it will be translated to them. Then you don’t need them any longer; you just love them. How many of you understand? So be it. Now brothers and sisters. Where did they come from? How many of you have had problems with your brothers and sisters? Brothers and sisters are really brothers and sisters in God. And the parents are just another brother and sister that is giving birth to itself. God is giving birth to itself. Brothers and sisters are unique individuals.
How many of you hold a grudge against your brothers or sisters? Why? How has that served you? How has it served you; how did it make your morning nicer? Did it make you sleep better at night? Have you ever thought that perhaps they were a gift in your life? And perhaps without their actions in your life you would not have made certain choices in your life that have brought you perhaps to here. Has it ever occurred to you that the greatest love you can give to your brothers and sisters is to just love them and give to them understanding, latitude, to give to them heartfelt, warm thoughts? And the point here is if you’re going to be a God and you’re going to ascend into heaven, you cannot ascend into heaven being indebted with enemies here. Do you understand that? And that in order to be God, if we conceive that God is a 360-degree circle, you are not going to become God if only 30 percent of you is functioning in the act of giving and the other 70 percent of you is functioning in the act of taking. Do you understand? Holding resentment is taking! Being plugged into a resentful attitude to your brothers or sisters or your family is taking; it is not giving. Now what’s the next thing on the list? Children. How many of you are parents? How many of you gave to your children? You gave to your children. How many of you remind them of that daily? How many of you make your children feel guilty that they should be here?
Now what about your children; who are they? Well, they could have been your parents in another lifetime. Sometimes they act that way, don’t they? Could it be that we’ve told this story before, say, 200 years earlier? That your children are really your parents and that you gave them such a miserable, wretched hard time, and that you took and took and took until your mother had a heart attack and your father turned into an alcoholic and ran away and you don’t understand what was the problem. And could it be that they’ve come back into your life and they look a little bit familiar to you?
Are your children takers, takers, takers? Because if they are, that’s because you took and took and took from them. Watch it; your children were once your parents. Now if we understand that horrible situation, as plausible as it could be, then look at it in these terms then. Your children are only doing what they are compelled to do. They are taking and taking and taking because they haven’t been taught yet to give. Just like in their last lifetime, they were taken and taken and taken from but they didn’t understand the art of giving, of loving. Children have to be retaught how to have the feeling, like you’re having to be taught. Children need the ritual of giving. Moreover, they need the ritual teachings of giving. Children should be taught what it is to be able to give their most prized possession to someone else. They should be taught that unless they understand that God is love, God will always and forever remain alienated from them. So what is your job? Your job is to give love to your children.
And in turn, the form of that love is teaching them to do the same thing. It is not an accident that it is important to remember someone’s birthday or indeed to be able to celebrate the birth of Christ and Christ’s resurrection. It is a ritual initiation that calls upon all the people in their culture for the time of thanksgiving and giving and sharing. That’s what it’s supposed to be. Remember, the wise men came to see Yeshua ben Joseph as a poor little child and gave to the child — who shouldn’t have any sort of sense of value — gold and myrrh and precious silks. You think the child is concerned about gold and myrrh? That wasn’t the point. The point was that greatness gave to humbleness. Do you understand? That’s the symbology.
fh-love7And if you don’t teach your children, then I swear you may come back one day as their children. And would it not be a horrid sight to have your children as your parents? And how well are they going to bring you up Friends. How many of you have friends? How many of you don’t have any friends? What is the criteria of your friendships? When someone is really wanting to be your friend, what must they do to get in there? What initiation must they pass? And what degree, what level? Friend, sometimes close friend, intimate friend, best friend, better friend, God friend. What are your requirements? What must a person give to you in order for you to accept them? How many of you run secret societies in the form of friendship, sort of like the Free Masons? You have a thirty-second degree level of friendship that they must pass. You have your own secret society. Friendships are perhaps the most bountiful garden in which love can spring forth. So what does it take to be a friend? Why do you want to have a friend? Why do you want to be a friend? Is not then friendship the lesser degree of intimacy? Is not the ability to love friends equal to the ability to procreate, except that the degree of giving and acceptance are on a different level than on a physical manifestation? How many of you agree? It is so. Now so many of you are terrible adulterers in the sense that you love many people and you’re only intimately faithful to one. And these people we call the concubines of service; they are friends. So now in a friendship, friends give, don’t they? What makes it important for a friend to be there? When you need, need. Aren’t friends the supply line of love? Aren’t they?
So now friendships develop, bloom and prosper when there is a genuine giving from both parties. Giving, giving, giving, giving. And that there is a trust that is accumulated for that giving. Now most people confuse trust as the backbone of a friendship, but it should not be that. Giving should be the backbone of a friendship. And besides that, you’d never tell anyone anything that you don’t want anyone to know, not even your friends. So when you tell secrets to your friends you have given a part of yourself to them. Correct? How many of you understand that? Once you give it to them, is that not the act of love? Is it? Why then do you feel betrayed by your friends? Does God feel betrayed by you? Well, they went and talked about you. So? Didn’t they just pass on more of you to someone else?
This is wonderful! They’re infectious! So what is the condition of friendship? It should be a giving, an acceptance of one another. And though we make jest of this, in the light of all eternity that’s what it is! And the moment a person stops being your friend is what? What did they do? Why, they’re not your friends anymore! What did they do? Now, students, this is important. What could anyone do to lose you? Nothing. Don’t you know that? So how fickle are you? Do you have relationships with friends because you need them? And you need them in such a way that it prohibits you from giving to them? And isn’t giving supposed to be unconditional? Who would want you as a friend? I would not want you as my confidante because what I would give to you one moment I would not give to you the next moment, and you would misinterpret that and feel betrayed because you’re not givers; you’re takers. When you give love to friends it should be because you want to and that it has no end and it has no measure and it has no depth and breadth. It is beyond that. That is truly loving another person. And it should not be because that person loves you back. Do you understand? You can have friends and love them and want to give to them. There may come an hour to where you are fragile and you’re going to fall to your knees, and in that one moment what you have given out so generously will come back to you a thousandfold. And so no matter what you do in your life, you will always be bathed in love because what you have given out you built ten thousandfold. And if you give to friends on the condition that they be loyal to you, that they be secretive to you, you give on the condition that they give back to you, that is not a friend. That is a using, abusing relationship. That has nothing to do with love. It is only need and take. Entities, you don’t understand how I have loved you for 35,000 years. And you wonder about that. And do you know why you wonder about that? Because you couldn’t possibly love someone for 35,000 years unconditionally.
164310_10150139496828185_7042818_nThat’s why it’s a mystery to you. You have yet to practice that consistently in your own life. Friends are lovers, are parents, are children, are Gods. Now friendships shouldn’t be based upon “I give to you and you give back to me.” It should be a free-flowing energy. And if someone doesn’t accept you, doesn’t want you into their life, that’s their prerogative. It doesn’t mean they don’t love you. I wouldn’t want you in my life either because I have creation to do. But that does not mean that I don’t love you; I do. You understand? In other words, what is given as God is giving without condition and is there and is supportive and is indeed nurturing. If you have many friends in your life, if you find within them a quality that you need desperately, then that person is in your life more than likely because you need them; not because you love them. One friend you may have is very smart and intelligent and that gives you the intellectual food that you need. Another person can be loving and silly and that gives you the freedom to be loving and silly. Another friend may be financially sovereign, which you are not. Another friend may be someone that you can go and drink too much wine with and you know that may be the only person you can do it with, so you need them; they are a reflection of yourself. But what if suddenly all of those reflections changed and you just loved them because they were? It would wash all the reflections in yourself. Do you understand? In other words, you wouldn’t love them because they drink with you; you would love them because they are. Do you understand? How many of you understand? So be it. What is the next one? Ah ha! I liked having a foe. It gave me a reason to be mad all my life. So in reality my enemies were sometimes my greatest lovers. I had profound respect for my enemies. I admired them; they admired me.
We thought a lot about one another. I admired them; they admired me. Now they gave me a reason to fight for something. Isn’t that wonderful? If I didn’t have enemies I’d have never marched out of Onai. I would never be here today. Where would we all be? Well, I would be married with 45 children, I am certain. And poorer, poorer than a preacher in a church house. But my enemies gave me a reason to be mad, God love them. But I only knew that after I had enemies in my life. And you know, I watched all of those people pass.
Do you not know, on the other side, how much wine we’ve had together since those days? Why, we meet in a merry, merry place, a big hall. And we all like to talk about the days here on earth, everyone showing their wounds. Of course, we don’t have them in our bodies in that form, but the moment we talk about them, they appear. We all get to show our wounds. “Remember when you ran me through? Gosh! That was great!” “Remember when I chopped your ear off and made you eat it? You almost choked!” “Remember that time when your stirrup got hung up on my horse’s rein and you went running around in a circle around my horse? I thought I was going to die laughing.” “Remember that time your horse ran over you? Wasn’t that wonderful? Wonder where that horse is today?” Because it is as Shakespeare says, a great stage and you’re all players.
Now what have your enemies given you in your life? You may want to contemplate that now . Now how can you love your enemies? I must tell you that enemies take a very high seat in your kingdom because they’re talked about nearly every day. And so if someone has that much of a concern in your life, you have to look at why you have such feelings towards them. Enemies. It’s hard to give to an enemy. So how would you give to an enemy? What would you do to your enemies, your foes? What would you do? Come on, given everything you’ve learned so far in this teaching.
fh-couple15Now, students, listen to this. This is up to you. It’s not up to them; it’s up to you. What are you going to do to get love flowing in your life towards them? How can you be kind to your enemies? Perhaps you should say to them, “Oh, enemy, I haven’t liked you for a terribly long time. But that was my error, and that was my shortsightedness and I see that I was wrong. And I have found, in reflecting upon you constantly, that you are really rather a jolly sort of fellow. And I wanted to simply say that I am deeply regretful of the rift that has been created in our lives. You have been both challenging and respective. You have taught me how to care about people without conditions and I humbly apologize. Do you need your back forty plowed?” Something sort of like that. Or take the hatchet and do a ceremonial ritual and bury it. How many of you understand? You need to cultivate overcoming that dislike and you need to master it. Your enemy is not worth your losing the love of God for. No one is worth that. If you’ve done very well in your circle and God is 360 degrees and you’ve managed to get at least 50% of the pie filled in with love — and you know that only until you complete the entire circle are you out of here — then why should you let this entity hold you up? Would they be worth that? Then why hold onto it? Ultimately our enemies are ourselves. When we outwardly forgive another person, we have forgiven that indiscretion within our self. So it is really with our self that we bury the hatchet. Do you understand? So be it.
So tonight you’re going to have much to think about. And in particular you’re going to be thinking about who are your enemies, people that you don’t trust and you don’t like. And you’re going to have to ask yourself, “How much energy do these people take up of my focus?” A great deal. “How much of them am I?” Understand? When you have contemplated this richly you will find a lot of room in your heart to forgive yourself. And you will find a lot of room in allowing them and you will be light of heart. And you will know what love feels like the moment you realize that.
Now what’s the next one here? Well, no one’s an adult. Next one here. What’s this?
How many of you have lovers? Hold those hands up! I thought so. What is a lover? Lovers are trouble! Lovers are the friends we permit ourselves to go to bed with and then regret it the next morning. A lover is an individual who embodies completely the sum total of love that you feel for another individual. A lover represents the love you feel for your parents, your children, your brothers, your sisters, your friends, your enemies. That’s why they’re so attractive. They sum up in one person all of the beings in your life. And maybe only for one night, but that one night they sum it all up. Are you catching my wind here?
Now lovers are the friends you permit yourself to sleep with and to share your body with. Unfortunately, no one understands that. They see lovers in a need relationship, needing. People need the relationship because they need to be sexually fulfilled. And that fulfillment represents the parental fulfillment they lack. It represents the friend fulfillment they lack. It represents the enemy, the dangers that they lack. It’s all tied up in one. These are important people in your life. Now lovers allow complete unity, complete magnetism, from an exchange of semen and ovum, to exchange of saliva, to an exchange of bedding; complete union all the way up. It embodies the full form or the full mind of God. In a lover we have our parents, we have our mother, our father, our brother, our sister, our friend, our enemy and our confidante. We have it all. How many of you understand that? Lovers then are true prizes. They ultimately embody all of the things that we want in our self. When we start out as a lover we are loving them by giving. Everything that we give to our parents, our friends, we all give to them. We are excited because in the exchange the same is being given back to us. It is a movement of energy back and forth. It is literal giving. And it is hypnotic. It is enchanting.
558553_10151218783393185_939847916_nIt is the greatest drunk you will ever have in your life because in that moment you are utterly God. How many of you understand? Magic. In loving a lover, you cannot approach your lover as you approach your children by thinking that you own them. Nor can you, as soon as the fantasy has worn off, make your lover your parents. The magic dies when need begins. And why has that happened? Because when need starts in, the relationship becomes fractured. We are not experiencing then a complete unilateral giving. We are experiencing a fractured relationship in which one person is giving and the other becomes the taker. Do you understand?
Then we have an overcompensation. We have a person who is giving, giving more and a person who is doing the taking, taking more. Does that sound familiar? Because suddenly the lover has been transformed into the parent. The lover has been transformed into the friend. The lover has been transformed into the child. Got it? And magic stops. If you are in love with having a lover, you must understand that the magic that you experience on a mind, body and spiritual level is absolutely total, because God is being expressed on every one of those levels. That’s why it is so intoxicating. That’s how you should feel all of the time but have only associated that feeling with a lover.
That situation, that magical moment, if you will, is very tenuous because given the children that you are, children of God, you are professed takers and enslavers. You’re tyrants; you enslave each other. You’re tyrannical. You have a victim as a lover and you’re the tyrant. And then it switches back and forth, this game going, instead of simply becoming that. It is the great moment of love, of total giving. It always must be unconditional. As children you do not know what it is to live in the intoxication of being God. You do not know what it is to live as St. Francis, who became in love with all of life, with all life forms, with the dew of the morning and the feather of the bluebird, to be in love with the stone and the humbleness, that all life was his lover. You fractionalize that feeling and put it as a responsibility on other people. And then you work very hard to try to maintain a relationship. You work hard to maintain the magic that shouldn’t be worked at at all. It should flow. And when it flows, it comes like a river. And it is intoxicating and it is sweet and it is fulfilling on all levels. When you start chasing it you lose it. Because then you are in need and in lack and you are casting the burden of that fulfillment on another human being instead of being the one who should be fulfilling yourself. How many of you understand? Consequently that’s why lovers can become foes. Some of your greatest enemies have been people that you have been lovers with! Because they know you! They have been inside of you and outside of you. You have been vulnerable to them. That’s why you made them an enemy instead of continued to love them. Lovers have a perilous relationship that’s always fragile. And the magic of keeping together the momentum of that feeling must be applied in every level of life. And if you say, “I love this person, I love this person, I’ve given to this person, but this person doesn’t give anything back to me,” I should say to you but what you have filled up with for a long time, enough to keep giving all of those years, didn’t you have enough on your own? Isn’t love everlasting? How much can you give? Forever! Why should it end? Why should the other person respond to you? Do you have to have them respond? That situation is pure magic. Because the magic isn’t in there any longer, does the love stop? It shouldn’t, but it does. Because relationships are conditional upon each needing one another.
248728_10150269031783185_4024291_nI see it as God intercoursing the rose in the form of the sun. And that the sun warms the plant’s green bud. And by the warmth of that ray of light, the warmth that that bud feels, allows for it to swell. And when it breaks open, the rose blooms because the sun loved it into blooming. And when the sun has caused the rose to open and then becomes exhausted and goes to bed at night, does the rose feel betrayed by the shadow of the moon? God’s love is to warm us and that we in turn are to warm all other creatures. And that if we feel slighted and used and betrayed in our life, it is only because we didn’t have enough to give in our life. You understand? Betrayal only happens in the absence of giving.
And if we can take a look at our lover in a new light and think of them, you as the rose and them as the sun, and that if the magic of the moment warmed you and caused you to expand, then that equal partnership provided a bloom and provided growth. Why should they be responsible for you for the rest of your life You should be responsible for you for the rest of your life.
Women need men desperately to be valuable. Take the strongest woman in this audience and put in front of her the right man in the right moment and she’ll crumble. You don’t like to hear that, but it’s the truth. And you’re weak because the man makes you weak; it’s the power of love.
And then you take on a subservient role. Then you begin to be the receiver of that love and you express it in intercourse. You receive the man into your womb. That’s sacred. That’s as sacred as this gathering is sacred. But you don’t feel that you’re anything unless you are in such a receivership.
So what you become is that you become addicted to being needed. Then you overexert yourself and you overdo and you overenslave by trying to be valuable so much so that you have blocked the flow of love. It isn’t important that the man is giving to you. It is important that you’re giving. And if he gets up and leaves the next day and he doesn’t come back to see you, what loss have you suffered? You haven’t suffered any loss. No one loses who loves. You only lose when you take. And men. Men, those dandies of the rod, those cock-o’- the-walks — I never knew a great man who was gauged being a great man by the length of his penis. Men have this idea in their nature that their job is to impregnate the world. They still think that the world needs to be populated! And they walk around with this urgency in their britches of having to add more humans to this earth. It is sort of a bacteria that has gotten out of control. We called it in our day a disease of the rod. Haven’t you ever noticed? You send all your sons and husbands to war to save some poor country against itself. And they go over there and they think they have to save those poor women from being lonely. And by the time your sons and husbandmen and fathers come back, they’ve left a little bit of themselves behind that will show up in the next generation. Men are governed by the need to be lovers. They are like wild stallions. And those who are out of control are just out of control and they’ll always break your heart. But there comes a moment to even the most staunch of man to where he is brought to his knees. And he finds that he is compelled to look in only one direction. And when a man falls in love it is truly a remarkable and sweet thing, because it comes very rare to men. Men rarely fall into love; they fall into lust. They fall into the need to copulate, to own, to herd, to govern. Rarely do men fall into passion, but when they do it is a sweet and humble thing because they open up and start to give and it is like a great dam that breaks loose. And when the moment is right and they do, blessed is the woman who is in such receivership of such love.
404533_10150687807538185_763144256_nBut the man feels this because he has an opportunity to love someone on all levels. He can love his mother. He can love his father. He can love his sister and his brother. He may see in the woman that which he has never been able to touch in his mother. He may see in the woman that which he has been forbidden through his sister. The woman can recognize the female archetype of all things to one man that has been allowed him to express fully and richly the mind, body and Spirit on all levels. Then in that moment the woman is the Goddess; she is the God empowered as the mother; she is the God who is empowered as the sister; she is the God who is empowered as the father; she is the God who is empowered by all that is beautiful.
That’s when a man can love totally. And his love knows no parallel. And as long as he is able to give, he will continue to give. The moment his woman reminds him of his mother, he will feel shame and guilt, and the magic will be lost. The moment the lover reminds him of his sister, he will feel shame, and the magic will be lost. And the moment the lover reminds him of his father, he will feel childish and unimportant. But his desire is to love all of them. Understand?
So then when is there the magic in lovers? When you can allow your woman to love you like she never loved her father. When you can allow your woman to lay in your arms and feel safe, like she never felt safe before, she’ll love you. And if you allow your woman to lie in your arms and be like a little child, she will love you always. And if you can allow your woman to be vulnerable, and even if she has laid with a hundred-thousand men, if in the moment she lies in your arms she is as pure as a virgin, if you can love her that way, the love will flow from her richly and endlessly.
And if each of you allow what has been forbidden in your life to be expressed in a relationship of loving, allowing, without need, without lack, without punishment and indeed without torment, then blessed are you, for you both are involved in the love of God. You are enacting the Void giving birth to you. You are giving to one another an endless love, endless allowing and endless support. Then you are behaving as Gods.
How many of you are learning? You are learning? Are you getting a greater definition about love? Just wait till you start to be initiated into it now. Is there the possibility that you can outgrow another person? How many of you agree? It is so. Is it possible for a passionate relationship to be transcended into a spiritual relationship? How many of you agree? That is so. Does that mean that there is less love because there is less physical copulation? More. Because suddenly love no longer has to be defined in physical copulation. It’s defined on other levels, and it’s earned the right to be defined there. How many of you understand that So don’t you know that if your love starts to change for your lover and you are not physically attracted to them anymore, it does not mean that you do not love them. It means that it’s growing and it’s changing. And there can be greater magic in a spiritual relationship than there can be in a turbulent, lusty relationship. But that’s where most of them start. The finer ones, spun with gold, end with the love that continues to give throughout all eternity. Are there masters that marry and copulate and have children? Absolutely! Absolutely. Some of humanity’s finest minds came from men and women who shared an exotic love of God. And from their seed came people of renown because they were conceived in wisdom and love. Absolutely.
Does it lessen your ability to be a master in this school? Relationships are a lot of trouble. They demand, just like a nursing child, to be nursed twenty-four hours a day. But they are also compelling in that they offer the opportunity to practice giving, to harnessing a wild spirit and turning it into love. They offer that agenda.
And there are those of you who have passed through that and you are on the other side of it. But perhaps in the relationships you did not understand the true nature of the gift of the relationship. It isn’t about giving semen and eggs back and forth, and it isn’t about exchanging saliva. It is about giving love, absolutely and unconditionally, and learning tolerance and allowing, and practicing kindness given through a loving heart. That’s what it offers. But on the other side of that, there is a love for life that is even more passionate, a love for God that is even more passionate, a love that can define itself in a morning rose or a butterfly’s wings or the laughter of children that is just as fulfilling as any lover that you’ve ever laid with in your life.
The trouble is that you have in the past gauged your sexual prowess by the ability to lay with men and women, instead of understanding that it was about earning the right to love them — it is a right — and to have earned the right to give a love and to have shared it with another human being.
1912188_588921901192536_154532575_nAnd what is ahead of you is to know that relationships and lovers are the springboard for Christ. Because one day you will learn to see in all people’s eyes the feeling that compelled you to love your lover. And indeed you will be perhaps particularly blessed, that you will find that you can love the homeliest of creatures even more than in the past when you sought the most beautiful of them. And that if your capacity to love one goes beyond the physical incarnation in which that Spirit is encased, then you truly are no longer of this plane. You are part of an invisible realm that isn’t gauged by the shadow it casts in the earthly realm. Husbandmen. We have covered that in lovers. Except for husbandmen who pledge to honor, love, cherish, to take care of in sickness and health their wives, they should live up to that pledge because it is their word of honor, and because that is an initiation that carries with it tremendous karmic value. When you give your word in a pledge of the heart and then you go about breaking it, you have in a sense set up the value of love and you have been the one who has torn it down. You have been the one who has pledged to build it into a moment of sanctity. And if you have carried that responsibility to love and to cherish and then you have been bent on destroying it, then you have tremendous retribution coming to you because you broke your own law. Understand?
Husbandmen should not become husbandmen lightly. You should not become a wife or a husband lightly. It should be a consideration in which two people come together who have been lovers and can maintain the magic of being lovers, who the desire is to take their giving love and to build a kingdom, and in that kingdom the seeds of their love are the children that they bear. They want to be forebearers of a new generation. Their love is such that a child conceived from that is a gift given to the world. Do you not know, men, that when you lay with a woman and you take the responsibility of spilling your seed in her womb, it is like the fertile earth. And you plant the seed there of the next generation. If you are not of a giving nature, what you have yet to utterly see is that you are starting the creative force of the next generation. Your gift to the world will be a child ill-planned and ill-conceived in which you are not ready or richly endowed with the qualities of giving in order to have presented that child to the next world.
Children should be the legacy of love rather than the burden of it. So what if it’s too late? What if you’ve already messed up? Well, ignorance can be forgiven. Because it seems to be that it’s a cultural phenomenon, that the idea of marriage, everyone thinks, went back to antiquity. It did no such thing! It was only provided so that God-fearing people wouldn’t be afraid of God when they sneaked around the haystack, that they legalized their passion in the eyes of men; that’s all it was. What do you do now if you haven’t been such a creature? Well, you certainly can’t go back and yank that child back up through the womb and start over again. You’ve done it!
happy famNow what is your obligation? What should your obligation be to your children? What? Give. And love them. Until the end of your days you love them because they are a legacy of your imprudence. Indeed they are a legacy and a challenge that you work every day to give to, and to bring them up so that you give them to the next generation out of love. And that’s your honor and you honor that.
Don’t abandon your children. Don’t fight over your children. Don’t use your children as whipping posts for vile arguments. They are a treasure. They are little souls who have come here in your care to be loved and nurtured so that they can, in turn, love and nurture. Care for them.
Love them. Share with them. Do not feel guilty about them. Guilt is not loving; that’s need. That’s responding out of need. That is not love. Love knows no guilt. It only knows humility and the act to support. Support your children. Husbandmen, the day that you take the oath to take care of your wife and to bear with her children and that the two of you, in your love and in your magic, give to the world this, then you have given your word and your word is binding law in this reality. Then you must work and labor in the fields of God to learn what it is to love unconditionally, to know what it is to love when argument is searing and tearing at your heart. You have to know how to create noble patience, how to be a virtuous man like my old teacher was to me. If you do not have that quality, you are not ready to be a husband. Perhaps you are ready to be a lover; not a husband. And the same with wives. Women turn into wives.
Why? Because they give their sanctity to their husbandmen. They give up their name, their family and their country and they go and live and take on a new name. It’s like they’ve been traded away. And women should not become wives if they cannot learn to love unconditionally. They should not be wives if they are just needing to be taken care of.
If you are needing a father, go back home. If you are needing a parent, go back and live with your parents and help them. Don’t marry because you need a husband to be a father and mother. There’s never any love that ever comes out of that. And, furthermore, if you have children, women have a nasty ability of turning children against their fathers because it’s the only way they can get their reprisal back to unfaithful, unloving husbands. Understand? A woman who is spiritual, who is strong, willful, who is fearless and tirelessly loving is a rare and precious gem. Because most women go overboard in trying to be what they are not. The woman who is the prize is that which she is. And loving is a natural ability. Giving is a natural ability. Strength is innate. Spiritual values are the moral fabric in which children are woven from. And if you don’t have those, you shouldn’t be a wife and you should not be thinking about giving children birth. You should think about giving yourself birth, and wean yourself from suckling at the breast of men who you are tirelessly disappointed in because they do not perform according to your needs, when you have erred always in mistaking love for control.
You are learning? So be it. Are you getting some answers? Remember we have divided up God into a circle of degrees in which we are really saying to ourselves, “How would God address a husband? How would God handle my wife? How would God handle my child? How would God love me?” Do you understand? This composes a circle of degrees, which we are addressing here, because we are going to find out at the end of the discussion what is the root of true unhappiness and misery. We are perhaps going to find it in this little discussion.

By : Fran Homesa –