Past life

I have always felt that some of the most significant experiences come from primitive lifetimes. Our highly technological society is quite stressful and confusing to most people. The more advanced the civilization is, the more detached we get from our basic being. Consider those who involve themselves in spiritual development. Living in a monastery in the 21st century requires a return to a very simplistic life. Daily meditation would be far more common to those cultures today.
Next, we can consider primitive societies that exist today in remote locations such as parts of South America, Africa, or Australia. The Aborigines of Australia are an excellent example of how primitive people utilize these principles for survival. It is so hot in the Australian desert, that these people must sit motionless for hours at a time to preserve their energy. Another benefit of exploring these primitive lifetimes is that they are pure experiences. These lives are less contaminated by artificial technological improvements. Basic emotions, basic drives, and more natural responses to the world around them are far more characteristic of these simple existences.
past lifeIn 2012, a 32-year-old graphic artist named Alex called me to assist her in overcoming her problem with nymphomania. She simply could not refuse to sexually satisfy nearly every man she met. This compulsive behavior caused her difficulties both personally and professionally. She recently met Allan and began dating him, but could not be faithful. Alex wanted to be rid of this compulsive behavior and move on with her life. I have no idea where a patient is going to go when I begin a past life regression. Sometimes they have an idea if they have had a recent dream about a possible past life, or if they have responded well to my past life regression conditioning cassette. Alex’s past life was most definitely related to her present nymphomania problem.
Fran.: Where do you find yourself?
Alex: I’m on an island. It’s not a very large island.
Fran.: Are you male or female?
Alex: I’m a girl.
Alex: [Alex couldn’t answer this question immediately. She had to translate the name into something she could relate to me] Eva. I am called Eva.
Fran.: Tell me about your family.
Alex: I live with my parents and brother.
Fran.: Are you happy?
Alex: I can’t really answer that. I have fun and play a lot, but I get into trouble also.
Alex described her life as a 10-year-old girl on a Polynesian island. She was a very rebellious child and her parents had to discipline her often. Her brother was the complete opposite. He loved to fish with her father and was a quiet and well behaved older brother. Eva didn’t resent her brother or her parents. She just wanted to do whatever she wanted to do and whenever
she felt like it. This independent form of behavior was not acceptable to her tribe. Eva was also a loner. She did not relate well to others and spent a lot of time by herself.
Fran.: Eva, what have you been up to?
Alex: I went exploring.
Fran.: Where to?
Alex: I took one of the canoes and just went to sea.
Fran.: How long were you gone?
Alex: I don’t know. It was a long time. My parents didn’t like it.
Fran.: Were you punished?
Alex: Yes. My father was especially bothered by this because the chief held counsel with him. Eva was an adventurous young island girl. The problem
with the tribe was that she was setting a bad example, particularly for the girls. The chief of the tribe discussed this with Eva’s father many times. This was embarrassing for her father, and didn’t exactly please her mother. From what Eva described, her father was pretty easygoing, but her mother
was much more of a disciplinarian.
Fran.: Did the chief speak to you directly about this?
Alex: No. That is not our way. It is the responsibility of the parents to guide their children.
Fran.: Are you purposely trying to humiliate your father?
Alex: No. I love my father. It’s hard to describe. Sometimes I just get this feeling that makes me do something that I know is wrong.
Fran.: Are there any other reasons you do this?
Alex: Yes, it’s fun. I am skillful at going to sea, and I like to go out farther and to different places each time.
Fran.: How do you know where to come back?
Alex: I don’t know. I just use my instincts and I always come home safely. I never get lost. There is no need to worry about me. Many parents of adolescents today could identify with this trait. Eva felt indestructible and her success at these tasks just added to her confidence. The one thing that
bothered me about what she said was the “feeling” that made her do the wrong thing. I made a mental note to follow its path, if any.
Fran.: Eva, how do you get along with your brother?
Alex: Okay, I guess. He’s not much fun. He’s older and he works with my father. Sometimes he tells me I should be more like him. I next progressed Eva forward in time to a significant event. She was about 16 years old.
Fran.: What has transpired since I last spoke to you?
Alex: There was an eruption on a nearby island.
Fran.: What kind of an eruption?
Alex: It’s a volcanic eruption. Some of my people were visiting this island, and all of a sudden, it erupted. There was all this stuff coming out of the volcano. Many people were killed or hurt.
Fran.: What happened to the rest of them?
Alex: My people helped them leave and took them to another island.
Fran.: Are your people worried that the same thing might happen to your island?
Alex: They try not to think about it. There are volcanoes on most of the nearby islands and this is the first one to do this since I can remember.
Fran.: So, what does the chief do?
Alex: He held counsel with the elders and they decided that we should not concern ourselves with erupting volcanoes. Our island is good and there is plenty to eat. We will be all right.
Fran.: Tell me about yourself. Do you have a boyfriend? [When I asked her this Alex looked very shy and embarrassed. This was quite a change from the indestructible and unmovable Eva I have spoken to before.]
Alex: Well, there is a boy whom I like. He is a great fisherman and the son of an elder.
Fran.: What is his name?
Alex: Sim.
Fran.: Do you see him privately?
Alex: Well, not exactly. He knows my reputation as being a little difficult. Sim is very quiet and I think I frighten him.
Fran.: What are you going to do about this?
Alex: I help him with his other work and I think he is starting to like me more.
Fran.: What other work is that?
Alex: He makes the carvings on wood and sometimes stone. It takes a long time and I bring him things and talk to him to help pass the time. Eva described Sim as being tall, light skinned, and black haired. He had an athletic physique and Eva really looked forward to spending time with him.
Fran.: What kind of carvings does Sim make?
Alex: He carves figures of the Gods.
Fran.: What does he do with them?
Alex: Most of them are used in our rituals and religious rites.
Fran.: How are things with your family?
Alex: My parents argue a lot, mostly over me. They think I’m too wild and should take a mate.
Fran.: Is that why you are interested in Sim?
Alex: I’m interested in Sim because I like him, not because my parents think it’s the right thing.
Not long after this conversation a very unusual thing happened to Eva.
Fran.: What is going on now, Eva?
Alex: I have become a dancer during our rituals. It’s a lot of fun.
Fran.: Is this part of your custom?
Alex: Yes. I asked to do this and the elders agreed. I guess they thought it would keep me out of trouble.
Fran.: How do your parents feel about your dancing?
Alex: My father doesn’t object to it, but my mother doesn’t like it at all. She says that it will be harder for me to find a mate.
Fran.: What does Sim say about this?
Alex: He has no control over me. We are just friends. I next moved Eva forward to any significant event that would involve her dancing.
Fran.: Where are you now?
Alex: I’m dancing. It’s night and I feel strange.
Fran.: How strange?
Alex: I don’t know. It’s like I can’t control my body. Something is making me do things. What occurred next was even stranger. Eva danced in a rather exotic and sensual fashion. She had no control over her action whatsoever. This was extreme even for her.
Fran.: Tell me what happened next.
Alex: I danced around the men and started taking my clothes off. I teased them and then I made love to them, most of them.
Fran.: What did your father do while this was going on?
Alex: He just watched. I know he didn’t approve, but this is not against our ways.
Fran.: What about Sim?
Alex: I made love to him, too. I wasn’t aware of him as Sim. I just did what the feeling made me do.
Fran.: Tell me more about this feeling.
Alex: It’s very strange. I mean, one minute, I’m Eva dancing and having a good time. Then, all of a sudden, I don’t know who I am. It’s as if my body was being controlled by someone else.
Fran.: This feeling, is it anything like you described when you were younger? You know, the feeling that made you do things that you knew were wrong.
Alex: You know, you are right. I never thought of that. What I felt as a child was much weaker, but now that I think about it, it was similar. I was now more concerned for Eva. She was no longer describing mere independence or teenage thoughts of immortality. She was describing possession. Her people didn’t treat this possession as something evil or something to remove. These were primitive people who believed in many Gods. This was just an action by the Gods, so they included it in their rituals.
Fran.: How long does this feeling last?
Alex: A couple of hours, I guess.
Fran.: And when it disappears, how are you left?
Alex: Well, I feel cold when the feeling comes over me. When it leaves, I don’t remember that much. I do recall what I did, but there are times that I just blank out. These are classic characteristics of possession. It’s too bad
that she didn’t practice spiritual protection techniques with white light and other means. This could have prevented this spell.
Fran.: How does Sim respond to you after the ceremony?
Alex: The next day I saw him and he just wouldn’t discuss it. He ignored it completely. I sure wasn’t going to bring it up. Eva became known for her dancing. The feeling came into her body just about every time she danced. It became expected and merely included as part of their rites.
Fran.: How did this role affect you?
Alex: I went on with my chores as usual. It was only during these rituals that I felt strange.
Fran.: Do you feel guilty about this?
Alex: No, I wouldn’t say that.
Fran.: What about your relationship with Sim?
Alex: Sim and I are getting closer. I don’t really think it has much to do with my duties as a dancer. We were getting closer before this started.
Fran.: Has anything else significant happened?
Alex: Well, I have become well-known as a dancer. I guess I’m the only one on my island and in the neighboring islands with this feeling.
Fran: How does this affect you?
Alex: Men come from other islands to see me and to take part in the ceremony. I kind of like this attention.
Fran.: Does Sim like it?
Alex: As I said before, he is very quiet and shy. He doesn’t come right out and say so, but I just know he doesn’t like it.
Fran.: Have you thought of giving this up?
Alex: I have, but I can’t just now. Sim is the son of one of our tribal elders. His father would not want his son to be the reason these rituals stopped. Also, the men who come from the other islands trade with us more regularly. So this is good for our people.
Fran.: And your parents?
Alex: My father doesn’t object, but my mother does. Even though she knows Sim and I will wed, she gives me a hard time. This went on for many months. Eva kept dancing and being the center of these orgies. People came from near and far to see her and take part in these ceremonies. The island
prospered and Eva’s relationship with Sim grew.
Fran.: What is going on at this time?
Alex: Sim and I are married. We are very happy and I think my mother finally approves of something I did.
Fran.: Are you still dancing?
Alex: Yes.
Fran.: Do you still get that feeling when you dance?
Alex: Yes.
Fran.: Does that feeling ever come over you at times other than when you are dancing?
Alex: Now that you mention it, no. It’s only when I’m dancing that I notice this feeling. Isn’t that strange? I progressed her forward by a few years to a significant event.
Fran.: Tell me what you have been up to.
Alex: The feeling has almost left me since you last asked me about it.
Fran.: When did this happen?
Alex: Very recently. First I noticed it getting a little weaker each time I danced. Then it wouldn’t be there at all. Now I haven’t had the feeling in more than a month.
Fran.: Do you still dance?
Alex: Yes, but I don’t engage in sex with the men.
Fran.: Isn’t that part of the ritual?
Alex: Only if I want it to be. You see, if I don’t experience the feeling, then I don’t want to have sex with the men.
Fran.: What effect does this have on the tribe?
Alex: I’m not as special as I was. Because I just dance, it’s not as exciting, so the men from the other island don’t come here as often.
Fran.: What about the trade they engage in?
Alex: Oh, those people still come and our island has prospered much since I started dancing. It’s just these other men don’t come.
Fran.: So, does that mean that you haven’t hurt the tribe by your change in dancing?
Alex: Yes, that’s right. As a matter of fact, the Chief and the elders actually like me. Shortly after this, Eva decided she didn’t want to dance anymore. She was replaced by another girl who just did routine dancing, and Eva returned to a normal life.
Fran.: Do you miss the attention you received when you were dancing?
Alex: Not really. It was fun for a while, but now I keep
myself busy and am very happy with Sim.
Fran.: Do you plan to have any children?
Alex: Yes. We are working on it, but the fertility Gods have not been kind to us.
Fran.: Is there something wrong?
Alex: I don’t know. Maybe it’s all the excitement and changes from the feeling.
Fran.: How does Sim respond to this?
Alex: He is very loving and supportive. My father is not taking it well.
Fran.: In what way?
Alex: It does not look good for me to not be with child.
Sim is the son of an elder and this is a reflection on his manhood. It’s embarrassing to everyone.
Fran.: What can you do about it?
Alex: My mother and I pray to the Gods, but there is nothing
else I can do.
Fran.: Does this cause conflict between your parents?
Alex: Yes it does. My mother argues often about this with my father and this is not good. Just when they were feeling proud of me, this dancing and these child bearing issues crops up. During the next few months, things began to settle down. Eva reported no other experiences with the feeling.
I progressed her to a significant event in her life.
Fran.: What is happening at this time?
Alex: It’s that new man.
Fran.: Who’s that?
Alex: There is a new man from a nearby island who used to come here when I was dancing. He stopped coming after I stopped dancing. Now he is back again.
Fran.: Is that unusual?
Alex: Yes it is. He is not a trader. He just came to see me dance and I don’t know why he is here now.
Fran.: Are you attracted to him?
Alex: No, I am afraid of him. I try to keep away from him, but it’s hard.
Fran.: What does he do when he comes to the island?
Alex: It’s strange. He collects things. One time he asked me for a shell necklace I was wearing.
Fran.: Did you give it to him?
Alex: No. When I refused to give it to him he offered to trade a special carving knife for it.
Fran.: What did you do?
Alex: I knew that Sim would like the knife so I traded with him. The knife was worth much more than the necklace, so I just couldn’t resist. The mysterious islander’s name was Mar. I didn’t like the idea of him obtaining Eva’s necklace. It could be a simple and harmless souvenir from Eva’s former dancing days (equivalent to getting an autograph from a celebrity). On the other hand, it could be used in some magic ritual (love spell, etc.), which was not uncommon for these primitive people. Also, it could help explain the origin of the “feeling.”
Fran. What happened next?
Alex: Everything went well. Sim loved the knife and was proud of me for the trade.
Fran.: Does he know of Mar’s interest in you?
Alex: He doesn’t think there is one.
As I moved Eva forward, I instructed her to move to any significant event involving Mar.
Fran.: What has happened since I last spoke to you?
Alex: It’s back.header-past-life
Fran.: What is?
Alex: The feeling. I’m getting the feeling again.
Fran.: How strong is it and what do you do when you get this feeling?
Alex: It’s not as strong as it was when I was dancing but I feel tingly all over. I am drawn to Mar and I want to see him.
Fran.: Have you seen him?
Alex: Yes. We have been together a few times.
Fran.: This is important, Eva. When you are with Mar, is it always preceded by this feeling?
Alex: Yes.
Fran.: And do you feel powerless to stop when it is going on at that time?
Alex: Yes. It was as I suspected. Eva was the victim of some magic ritual. Eva was powerless to resist Mar and began having an affair with him. She didn’t find him particularly attractive and her relationship with Sim was good, but this didn’t matter. Mar told Eva that if she pleased him, he would use a spell to eliminate her infertility problem. But he made her promise never to tell Sim about their relationship. She readily agreed to this.
Fran.: Do you think Sim suspects your affair?
Alex: No, I don’t think so.
Fran.: Wouldn’t he talk to you about it if he did suspectyou seeing another man?
Alex: He is a very proud man and doesn’t like to face things like that.
Fran.: You mean when he didn’t discuss your sexual activities with all those men when you danced?
Alex: Exactly. This affair kept going on for about six months. Unfortunately for Eva, people suspected this affair. Mar made many extra trips to their island and Eva just couldn’t camouflage the effects and the feeling and her sporadic interest in Mar.
Fran.: What is happening now?
Alex: It’s terrible. Mother confronted me about my affair with Mar.
Fran.: Does Sim know?
Alex: Everybody knows. Sim won’t talk to me about it, but he is being pressured by his father, and my father is being confronted by the chief.
Fran.: What are you going to do?
Alex: I will have to end it now. Eva tried to end this affair, but Mar was just too influential over her. He promised to let her get pregnant and he was
good to his word.
Fran.: Whose baby is it?
Alex: I really don’t know. It is something I want and it is taking a lot of pressure off of me and my family.
Fran.: Does Sim ask you who the father is?
Alex: No. I told you he supports me in all that I do. He still hasn’t confronted me about the affair. Eva stopped seeing Mar. Mar somehow lost his control over Eva. He returned to his tribe and tried to have war declared against Eva’s people. One young warrior from Mar’s tribe argued with him and a fight ensued. Mar was killed and the Chief was furious. The Chief seriously considered war against Eva’s tribe and the only thing that could prevent this battle was Eva. He summoned her to his island to perform her dance for him. Eva was understandably nervous but did as she was told and danced for the Chief. The feeling returned and she engaged in several sexual acts with the Chief. War was now averted. From the superconscious mind, I was able to identify Eva’s parents as her current parents. Most notably, Sim is Allan and Mar is an ex-boyfriend from high school who treated her poorly and literally stalked her after she broke up with him. The karmic carryover from the life of Eva was that sexual promiscuity not only felt good, but prevented a war and the loss of many lives. Two years following this regression, Alex married Allan and established a relationship based on fidelity. She no longer had to compulsively engage in sex with other men.