Magical People Who Made a Difference

“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.
Each one of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”fh-alone31

Every one of us has received help, support, or guidance from other people at particular times in our life when we needed it most. Sometimes another person alters the course of our life through their encouragement, guidance, or just being there at the right time. And then life goes on, and we tend to forget
those times when one person touched us or changed our life. Sometimes you don’t even realize the impact a person had until well into the future, when you look back on your life and realize that a particular person was pivotal in magically changing the direction of your life for the better.
The person may have been a teacher or coach, an uncle, aunt, sibling, grandparent, or any family member. They may have been a doctor, nurse, or best friend. They may have been the person who introduced you to your current partner or to a particular interest that became one of your greatest passions. Maybe they were someone you didn’t even know, and they appeared in your life very briefly, performing a random act of kindness that touched you to the core.
My grandmother gave me my love for books, cooking, and the countryside. By sharing her love of those things with me, all of them affected and changed the course of my life. Cooking became a passion of mine for over twenty years, my love of books eventually led to me becoming a writer, and my love of the countryside has influenced where I’ve lived throughout my life.
My grandmother also disciplined me with a steel hand to say thank you. At the time I
thought she was just teaching me to be polite. It was only later in my life I realized that teaching me to say the magic words was the greatest gift my grandmother ever gave me.
She is not alive anymore, but I continue to be grateful to her for the huge influence she had on the course of my life. Thank you, Grandma! Today, you are going to think about the magical people who have impacted your life. Find a quiet place alone sometime during the day today, sit down, and think of three extraordinary people who have made a difference in your life. Once you have your three people, work with one person at a time, and talk out loud to each person as though they were present, telling him or her the reasons why you’re grateful to them, and how they affected the course of your life.
Make sure you do this magical practice with all three people in the one session, because it will take your feeling of gratitude to a far deeper level. If you split up this magical practice throughout the day, you will not feel the same depth of gratitude, nor receive the magical results.
Here’s an example of what you might say: Sarah, I want to thank you for the time that you encouraged me to follow my heart. I was lost and confused that day, and your words touched me, and lifted me out of despair. Because of what you said, I found the courage to follow my dream, and I moved to France to work as an apprentice chef. I am living my dream, and I couldn’t be happier. All because of what you said to me that day. Thank you, Sarah!
It’s very important that you say the reasons why you’re grateful. And you can’t say too much. Instead, the more you say, and the more you feel, the more amazing the results. You will see the magic explode into your life from doing this practice; it numbers among the most powerful acts of gratitude you can ever perform.
If you’re not in a position to talk out loud, then you can write down your words to each person, and address them as though you’re writing a letter. When you have completed this practice, you will feel a huge difference in the way that you feel. The evidence of gratitude’s power working is always that first and foremost it makes you happy! The secondary evidence of gratitude’s power is that you attract wonderful things. And as if all of that wasn’t enough, the happiness you feel after practicing gratitude also attracts
more wonderful things, which will make you even happier. That’s the magic of life, and that’s the magical power of gratitude!

Have you ever wished you had a magic wand so that you could just wave your wand and help the people you love? Well, today’s magical practice will show you how you can use life’s real Magic Wand to help others! When you fervently want to help another person you have immense power, but when you direct that power with gratitude, you really do have a Magic Wand that can help the people you care about.
Energy flows where your attention goes, and so when you direct the energy of gratitude toward another person’s needs, that’s where the energy goes. This is the very reason why Jesus said thank you before he performed a miracle. Gratitude is an invisible but real force of energy, and coupled with the energy of your
desire it is just like having a Magic Wand.

fh-bird1“People who wait for a magic wand fail to see that they ARE the magic wand.”

If you have a family member, friend, or anyone you care about who is lacking physical health, in financial trouble, unhappy in their work, stressed, suffering because a relationship has ended, lost confidence in him or herself, suffering from mental problems, or feeling down about their life, you can use the invisible force of gratitude to help them with their health, wealth, and happiness. To wave your Magic Wand for another’s health, imagine that the person’s health has been fully restored, and say the magic words, thank you, in heartfelt celebration of receiving the news that he or she is full of health again. You could imagine the person calling you to give you the news, or imagine them telling you in person, and really see and feel your reaction. When you can feel as grateful now as you would when you heard the news that the person’s
health had been fully restored, it will guarantee that the gratitude you feel is as sincere and as powerful as it can be.
To wave your Magic Wand to help someone you love with their wealth, follow the same magical practice, and be as grateful as if they had the wealth they needed right now. Imagine their wealth has been fully restored, it is done, and you’re saying the magic words, thank you, because you’ve just received the amazing news.
If a person you know is going through a tough time, but you don’t know what specifically they need, or if they need help in more than one area, then you can follow the same magical practice and wave your Magic Wand by giving thanks for their happiness, or for their health, wealth, and happiness together.
Today, choose three people you care about who are currently in need of health, wealth, or happiness, or all three. Get a photograph of each person if you have one, and keep the photographs in front of you while doing this practice.
Take the first person, hold their photograph in your hand, then close your eyes and for one minute visualize yourself receiving the news that the person has been fully restored with whatever they need. It is much easier to visualize yourself receiving the news than it is to visualize, for example, an ill person healthy again, or a depressed person happy again, or a financially stressed person abundant again.
And you will feel more excitement and gratitude if you involve yourself in your visualization. Open your eyes, and with the photograph still in your hand, say the magic words, thank you, slowly three times, for that person’s health, wealth, or happiness, or whatever combination they need:
Thank you, thank you, thank you for Name’s health, wealth, or happiness.
As you finish with one person, move on to the next person, and follow the same two steps until you’ve finished the Magic Wand practice by sending health, wealth, or happiness to all three people.
You can also use this powerful practice when you’re walking down the street or going about your day and you come across someone who is obviously lacking happiness, health, or wealth. Imagine you have a Magic Wand, and in your mind wave it by giving heartfelt thanks for their wealth, health, and happiness, and know that you have set a real force of energy into motion. Using gratitude to help someone else with his or her health, wealth, and happiness is the single greatest act of gratitude you can perform. And one of the magical things about it is that the health, wealth, and happiness you fervently wish for others, you also bring to yourself.

“Life is playfulness . . . We need to play so that we can rediscover the magic all around us.”fh-bird2

Today’s practice, Cue The Magic, is one of my favorite practices, because it’s a game you play with the Universe, and it’s a lot of fun! Imagine that the Universe is friendly and caring, and that it wants you to have
everything you want in life. Because the Universe can’t just walk up and hand you what you want, it uses the law of attraction to give you signs and cues to help you receive your dreams. The Universe knows you have to feel gratitude to bring forth your dreams, so it plays its part in the game by giving you personal cues to remind you to be grateful. It uses the people, circumstances, and events that surround you in your day as your magic cues to be grateful. It works like this:
If you hear an ambulance siren, the magic cue from the Universe is to be grateful for perfect health. If you see a police car, your magic cue is to be grateful for safety and security. If you see someone reading a newspaper, it’s your magic cue to be thankful for great news.
If you want to change the weight of your body, when you see another person with your perfect weight, it’s your magic cue from the Universe to be thankful for your perfect weight. If you want a romantic partner, when you see a couple madly in love it’s your magic cue to be grateful for the perfect partner. If you want to have a family, when you see babies and children, take the magic cue and be grateful for children. When you pass by your bank, or an ATM, it’s your magic cue to be grateful for plenty of money. When you arrive home, it’s your magic cue to be grateful for your home, and when a neighbor calls in to have a cup of coffee, or you wave to them across the street, it’s your magic cue to be grateful for your neighbors. If you happen to see one of your material desires on your list, such as your dream house, car, motorcycle, shoes, or computer, of course it’s your magic cue from the Universe to be grateful for your desire now!
When you begin a new day, and someone says, “Good morning,” you’re being given a magic cue to be grateful for the good morning. If you come across someone who is really happy, it’s your magic cue to be grateful for happiness. And if you overhear another person saying thank you, anywhere at anytime, it’s your magic cue to say thank you! There are unlimited and creative ways the Universe has to magically cue you to be grateful in your day-to-day activities. You can never misunderstand a magic cue or get a cue wrong, because whatever you think a cue is for, you’re right! The Universe uses the law of attraction to magically cue you, and so you always attract the exact cues that you need to be grateful for in that moment. Cue The Magic has become a daily game I play, and with practice, I now automatically see all the magic cues the Universe gives me, and I give thanks for every one of them. It never ceases to thrill and amaze me how the Universe finds new ways to cue me to set the magic of gratitude into motion!
When I receive a phone call from a friend or family member, it’s a cue to be grateful for him or her. When someone says, “Isn’t it a beautiful day,” it’s a cue to be grateful for the beautiful weather where I live, and for another beautiful day. If an appliance breaks down, it’s a cue to be grateful for all my appliances that are working perfectly. If a plant in my garden is struggling, it’s a cue to be grateful for all the healthy plants in my garden. When I collect the mail, it’s a cue to be grateful for the mail service, and for unexpected checks. When someone says they have to go to an ATM, or I see people in line at an ATM, it’s a cue to be grateful for money. If a person I know comes down with a sickness, it’s a cue to be grateful for their health and mine. When I open my curtains in the morning and see the new day, it’s a cue to be grateful for the great day ahead. And when I close my curtains at night, it’s a cue to be grateful for the great day that I had. To play Cue The Magic today, all you have to do is be alert enough to take seven magic cues from the Universe during the day, and give thanks for each one of them. For example, if you see someone with your perfect weight, say, “Thank you for my perfect weight!” You can never do too much gratitude, so you can choose to do more, and if you want, you can even try to respond to as many magic cues in one day as you can. If you’ve been following the daily magical practices over the last 24 days, you will have reached a point by now where you will be alert enough to notice the cues the Universe is always giving to you. One of the many benefits of gratitude’s magical power is that it wakes you up, and makes you far more alert and aware. And the more alert and aware you become, the more grateful you become, and the more easily you attract your dreams. So, Universe – cue the magic!