How To Design Your Future

In custom designing your own future you will be utilizing factors and forces outside the norm. The subconscious mind is still mostly a mystery to our scientists. This component of our consciousness is misunderstood, as reflected by the fact that current estimates state that we use less than 1 percent of our brain. I have not seen figures beyond 10 percent in the respected scientific literature for this percentage of brain use. I am not merely referring to the biological brain, but the entire range of consciousness. This includes the subconscious mind (alpha), conscious mind proper (beta) and the superconscious or Higher Self (the perfect component of our alpha).

Yushan National Park, Taiwan.For our current purpose, let me simply state that we all have the capability to tap into a part of our awareness that  will allow us to perceive our future and bring that data back to our current awareness. Although this may sound strange, the accomplishments of great inventors give credence to this concept.  Consider, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci. He designed models for the helicopter, submarine, tank and other wonders of the 20th century over 400 years ago! Thomas Edison conceded the fact that the source for his ideas (he received over 1,100 patents in his lifetime) originated from outside himself. He once refused to accept credit for an idea by saying that “Ideas are in the air.” He went on to point out that if he had not discovered this idea, someone else eventually would have been its recipient.  The fact that we have access to ideas, facts, knowledge  and memory other than from our own personal experiences  has been proven scientifically throughout most of the 20th century through the work of Duke University’s Parapsychology Laboratory, as well as many others. These institutions have shown that we have “psi,” an extrasensory perception or ESP, such as clairvoyance, telepathy and precognition. Dr. J. B. Rhine of Duke University and others have found that there is a capacity for acquiring knowledge that transcends the five sensory functions. This extrasensory capacity can give us knowledge, certainly of objective and very likely of subjective states, knowledge of matter and most probably of minds. This also explains the creative inspiration, intuition and sudden revelation of artists, as well as scientists. For example, the composer Franz Schubert once informed a friend that from some undisclosed source he remembered melodies previously unknown to the world of music.  The mechanism you will be accessing in designing your future is characterized by certain principles that I have observed since my work in this field dating back to 1974. These principles are:

• The subconscious, when analyzing information concerning your future, treats this data as already occurring. You must have a specific goal either in actual or potential form and an end result.
• Your subconscious will function to help you manifest this goal that may already be in existence, or “discover” something that will lead you to create this goal in the near future.
• The subconscious will be positively programmed  by remembering only successful results and forgetting (emotionally) the past setbacks. You want to learn what not to do by a review of these “failures,” just don’t get hung up on them.
• Your Higher Self and your subconscious mind work together – spontaneously, according to present need. This Higher Self will manifest itself more frequently when acting as if it is already there.

Using Visualizations To Prepare For  Your Future Success

Changing beliefs is an absolute prerequisite to custom designing your future. It represents the foundation, along  with the accompanying Higher Self-image, with which you are building this new destiny. To accomplish this, three techniques will be applied.  The first two are affirmation repetition, and act as if these changes (successes) have already occurred. Since the effects of these three techniques are cumulative, it is important to practice them daily. Get into the habit of using the exercises on a daily basis.  In the beginning of your trials with these methods, you likely will experience inappropriate beliefs. The exercises presented in this chapter, along with the previous chapters, will assist you in overcoming this temporary obstacle. These inappropriate beliefs become part of your defense mechanisms, and those beta entities do not relish the  concept of being set aside.  One reason why you will succeed with properly applying these exercises is that you are doing something very few people even attempt. You are defining your goals and perceiving yourself as already attaining these rewards. This places you far ahead in the game of custom designing your own destiny.

10292528_1383950425221931_2254161930904983921_nThe first technique consists of repeating affirmations. This needs to be done in a positive manner. For example, instead of saying “I won’t fail and wind up in bankruptcy court,” a better phrasing would be, “I am succeeding at this _________ goal and will be rewarded by earning __________ dollars by this specific date ____________.”  It is important that the first part of your affirmation be stated in the present tense, as in my previous example. This is done to reinforce the concept that you are “acting as if” it  is part of your present reality. In addition, your subconscious does not distinguish between past, present and future as readily as your conscious mind proper. As we shall explore in chapter 14, the subconscious is immersed in the space-time continuum in which all time exists simultaneously.  If you state that you will be successful, you are programming your subconscious to perceive yourself as not successful now. This will lead to inappropriate beliefs that you are a failure, and consequently lower your self-image.

Your subconscious can only affect your current reality by its programming. It does no good to instruct it to change at some future date. It most certainly cannot undo past issues. The significance of committing these affirmations to writing in the form of goal statements has previously been  discussed.
It is always wise to make your own tapes. You can  always purchase professionally recorded tapes, as I mentioned before. For affirmations or goal statements you do not need tapes, as they are relatively brief.  Do not be concerned with meeting each and every future goal by the specified date. Many of these projected dates are simply educated guesses. The process is far more important than the completion date. You will always be guided by your Higher Self and by your subconscious as you continue on with your journey of empowerment.
All during this time you are improving your self-image. You will find yourself becoming aware of self-knowledge not previously known. In addition, you are now reducing  both the potency and quantity of SDSs and preparing the foundation for this customized future.  One of your immediate goals is to disregard and eliminate inappropriate beliefs and replace them with the empowered ones. This will prevent you from entering into personal and professional relationships that repeat past patterns of you being victimized, frustrated and depressed.  Since you alone are in control of establishing (by reprogramming the subconscious) your new and positive self-image, you are in control of your destiny. By raising the quality of your own self-image, you will attract equally empowered people into your life that will assist you in your projects and make your future experiences more fulfilling.

Circumstances will now arise that may appear at first to  be setbacks, but in the long run will educate you and challenge you to be the best you can be. The lessons learned and difficulties encountered will function as steppingstones to your eventual success.  One nice thing about this approach is that while you are designing your own future, you are also fitting into a more universal game plan. This larger framework encompasses the futures of those you know now and will shortly meet. These other souls will assist you in achieving your goals and designing your future, and you will reciprocate with them and their respective destinies.
This method of creating a custom-designed future works because the strategy is tailored to you, by you, and for you. Who else but you could better define a series of steps best suited to your particular purposes? Your own role in  creating this future further adds to your motivation, self image and prognosis. You are the only one who can precisely design the missing parts of the puzzle. Therefore the complete picture of your success is brought into reality. This could never be done as effectively by an outside source. In addition, this becomes a part of your own empowerment.  Wouldn’t it be nice to look upon the future as one you had a hand in designing? By following these recommendations you need not fear tomorrow but instead welcome it with open arms. Applying the “New You” concept we will discuss in chapter 12 means that no new activities will ever appear before you; they have all been accomplished by you already. Thus, you need not fear any  task because you have, in a very real sense, already  successfully performed the activity.

LIFE-GENDERThis destiny you are designing is a creation of yourself  in the future by you. It is the ultimate example of empowerment. Let us not fall into the trap of writing-off this technique to wishful thinking.
When you practice with the visualizations, (the third method for changing beliefs) do your best to identify with the entire spectrum of conditions. Mentally see yourself in this personally designed future. Feel the emotions and be open to any sensory experience that accompanies the data and images.  The importance of affirmations revolves around the concept of past negative programming. This is because your family, friends, teachers and others may have said things to you or treated you in a way that resulted in a lowering of your self-image. Positive affirmations function to reprogram the subconscious to eliminate this baggage and free you to “be all you can be.”  The advantage of acting as if your future goal has been accomplished sends an important success message to your subconscious. Now more and more opportunities will present themselves to you because you are more open to receive them and are sending out the appropriate signal (alpha) to attract the positive options into your life. This further changes your inappropriate beliefs to empowering  ones and adds to your self-confidence and self-image. A  geometric growth pattern now emerges, and you have just initiated the necessary steps toward creating your reality by designing your future. All this is accomplished with pre-knowledge of the future outcome of your goals.

Studies confirm the fact that your brain cannot distinguish between a real experience and one that is imagined. When you design your future by the selfhypnosis techniques, your body and mind actually accept the fact that this is the “new you.” All of the requisite steps relayed to you by your subconscious are reality based. You need not worry about what to do next or if you are applying them correctly. It is simply a matter of readjusting your focus. Readjust from the ultimate goal, the ultimate future, to the first step. The entire game plan will be laid out before you and each specific step simply falls into place.  In summary, the following represent advantages to using this method and the “New-You” technique to your ultimate goal of custom designing your own destiny:

• Your confidence in general will increase, as you find  yourself no longer worrying about the outcome of events in your life.
• You will receive information and ideas that you could not obtain from your conscious mind proper (beta).
• The little successes you initially have increase your motivation for additional applications of this technique, and further add to your self-image.
• A feeling of importance is felt, as you now begin to  structure your life with specific steps and a timetable. This also means you are assigning an importance to the project of achieving the success and self-fulfillment that you desire.

Using the ideas set forth in this book will assist you in  being much more connected to the universe, and allow you to experience more intimately the “inherent rightness” of your true desires for self-fulfillment. This will result in your placing the values on your life and your goals that should rightly be there.  Here are some additional tips to assist you in creating abundance:

fh-alone131. Accept the concept that you have the natural ability to create abundance. This goes back to the self-image issue that I have mentioned several times before. You must believe in yourself and that what you are doing is right. It is important to eliminate the “out there” form of thinking of abundance and bring it “in here.”  By asking your Higher Self for assistance, you can rely on the fact that your abundance will improve only if it is meant to do so. Your Higher Self produces prosperity. It is not an isolated event.
2. Select a higher value over a lower one. This does not suggest that you become obsessed with money or the prices of objects. There is a principle I call “realistic idealism.” This means you pick and choose your goals. Sometimes there will be no material gain associated with  this endeavor. By eliminating clutter and petty materialistic concerns, you can now free your Higher Self to help you with the big picture.
3. Accept the fact that your mind has all the information and techniques available to create this abundance for you. When you use self-hypnosis daily, you are tapping into your Higher Self. This perfect, all knowledgeable aspect of you will patiently teach you ethically how to attain your materialistic goals.

4. Accept the unusual and expect the unexpected. There are no boundaries or limitations to what your mind can create and accomplish. Prosperity has a way of arriving when you least expect it.
5. Do not attempt frivolous goals with these methods. You will fail repeatedly if you do. If you need a job,

visualizing one is not enough. You will still have to go out and look for one and face several rejections before you land the job you desire.  Always request assistance from your Higher Self. I have already presented several exercises on how to impress a job interviewer. Use these visual imagery techniques daily.  You can meditate on a specific job, a career change, or anything else that will facilitate attaining your abundance goals. Always keep your motives pure. It is not selfish to seek money and possessions. It is only selfish if you do it at someone else’s expense or to get back at another person. If this is your goal, you may succeed in the short run, but you will hurt yourself in the long run.
Here is a simple exercise you can practice to help you  discover your life’s work:

1. Practice using the rapid self-hypnosis exercise first. Mentally stand in front of a chalkboard and gently request your Higher Self to list your current talents and abilities.
2. Now list the types of jobs you have held in the past. Finally, list the job or profession you would like to enter or
3. Meditate on these lists for five minutes. Now turn the chalkboard over and the answer to your question of a career choice will appear.  Practice this exercise several times until you receive an answer.