Applying The “New-You” Technique


Can we really get a glimpse of our future and bring that  knowledge back to our current awareness to assist our growth? The whole basis of the “New-You” technique using age progression with hypnosis relies on this very concept. Fortunately, the answer is yes, and I will present a hard science support for this from the field of quantum physics (the new physics).

Documented Cases Of Precognition

Before I discuss the theory of just how this technique  works, here are some examples of documented cases of seeing into the future, otherwise referred to as precognition.

Mark Twain

When Samuel Clemens was twenty-three, (he had not  yet adopted the pen name of Mark Twain), he worked as an apprentice pilot on the Mississippi steamboat Pennsylvania. His twenty-year-old brother Henry worked on another ship as a clerk. One night Sam had a vivid dream vision of a metal coffin in which Henry was laid to rest. Shortly after this precognitive dream, Sam received word that his brother had been killed and laid out just as Sam had dreamt. Mark Twain recalled this incident many years later to his biographer Albert Paine.

titanic_artForeknowledge Of A Plane Crash

In October of 1967, Mrs. Helen Peters of New Jersey frantically called the New York office of British European Airways (BEA) to inform them that their flight carrying her husband was about to crash. The BEA employee tried to assure Mrs. Peters that her worries had no basis and that her husband would be fine. The BEA plane crashed off the coast of Cyprus in the Mediterranean, killing all 66 passengers and the entire crew.

The Sinking Of The Titanic

Morgan Robertson wrote a novel in 1898 titled Futility in which a supposedly unsinkable ocean liner struck an iceberg on its maiden voyage and sank, carrying the elite society of two continents to their deaths.  Fourteen years later, in 1912, a similar “unsinkable” liner sailed from England with 3,000 passengers aboard.
Like Robertson’s craft, it was 800 feet long and weighed 70,000 tons but with far too few lifeboats. The real boat, like Robertson’s, struck an iceberg and sank with the loss of more than a thousand lives. Robertson had named his boat the Titan. The real ship was the Titanic.


Socrates (469-399 B.C.) had a highly developed sense of  precognition. Once, out on a stroll with a group of friends, he elected to take a quite different and unaccountable course from the rest and urged his friends to follow him. Most of them saw no reason to follow him on this changed route and went their chosen way. Those who ignored his advice were seriously injured by a rampaging herd of wild boars.  Once Socrates turned to a friend and told him not to proceed with a secret project he had in mind. The friend looked curiously at Socrates, for he had neither hinted at nor confided his secret project. Socrates’ friend was in fact planning an assassination but had at that stage told no one, nor were there circumstances or a past record of behavior  from which such an inference could be drawn. The friend, regrettably, ignored the advice, proceeded with his plans, carried out the assassination, and was in due course arrested, tried and executed.

Jules Verne

This science fiction novelist is well known for his futuristic visions in such books as From the Earth to the Moon, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. What is not common knowledge is that one of his most accurate works was rejected in 1863 by his publisher, Pierre Herzel. This novel was titled Paris in  the 20th Century and depicted life during the 1960s.  Here are some of the technological references Verne makes in Paris in the 20th Century:

• electronic bank alarms
• subway transportation
• personal computers
• 24-hour convenience stores
• schools of the future in which audio and  video equipment present information

Precognition is awareness of facts and circumstances in the future that cannot be accounted for by science or logic. Anything that can be explained in terms of subconscious knowledge, or by interpreting a known past sequence of  events, or by an intelligent assessment of the situation based upon detailed information, cannot rank as precognition.  Precognition, in the sense in which we have been considering it, implies a human consciousness and is something experienced during a human lifetime. Both precognition and age regression imply that our conceptions of time are either fallacious or woefully incomplete, or both. The problem presented by precognition is that the effect appears to precede the cause, violating causality laws of conventional physics. Since space and time do not exist independently but as a continuum known as space-time, this fourth dimensional paradigm allows an effect to come before a cause. Our brain is constructed to deal with only three dimensions (length, width and depth). This fourth dimension known as time (in reality the fourth dimension of the space-time continuum) often confuses our three dimensionally oriented brain.

fant1Professor John Taylor of King’s College, London, had moved toward acknowledging the possibility of precognition, a phenomenon he once discounted. His hypothesis was that perhaps the brain emits tachyons, impulses traveling faster than light, thereby reaching into the future and then being reflected back to the brain, giving foreknowledge.
Professor Taylor’s hypothesis about tachyons voyaging into and perceiving the future and returning to record it, was to some degree anticipated by those who marveled at the nature of human cells. It could be argued, that to some degree at least, cells have some type of built-in intelligence.
There are billions of them in the human body, and the immense network of nerve cells in particular may constitute some mysterious transmitting and receiving system. If some form of energy is transmitted from the human body capable of traveling faster than light, it might not emanate from the brain itself. Nor, having traveled faster than light, and so into the future, would the impressions and messages necessarily be received directly by the brain. The brain might pick up the impulses after the outgoing energy waves had been reflected back, radar fashion, to the bodily source of transmission. Quantum physics clearly demonstrates that any tachyon would move in reverse time sequences.
We all possess a dormant capacity to have precognitions. They occur to us nightly in our dreams, we just don’t remember them, except on rare occasions. Some people experience gazing or dissociative states during which they receive information about the future. I discuss this more fully in my book, Astral Voyages.


The subconscious mind’s energy is qualitatively lower than it should be. In order to raise this energy, I developed a technique back in 1977 called the superconscious mind tap. This technique consists of introducing the patient’s subconscious mind to its perfect counterpart (the superconscious mind or Higher Self). When this is complete, the perfect energy of the superconscious mind assists in raising the energy of the subconscious mind by this exposure. Think of going outside your home on a chilly morning to get the paper. You may not be dressed as warmly as you could be, so you are cold. The moment you return to your nicely heated home, your body warms up. This is basic physics. The soul’s energy can never be lowered, but it can be raised. Conducting a super-conscious mind tap (or “cleansing”) is the most efficient method I know of to boost the energy of the subconscious. Clinically this will be observed as an increase in self-image, motivation, energy and the expression of a success-type personality. One of the most important aspects of cleansing is that 98 percent of this form of energy raising takes place in the dream or REM cycle at night. Your defense mechanisms do not function during this time, so there is nothing to prevent our soul’s energy from raising its quality. There is no other time during the day when this situation exists. Sleep laboratory research has confirmed the fact that we spend about three hours every night in REM sleep. Emotional cleansing occurs during this time; if not for this fact we would die of a heart attack from the cumulative effects of stress.

Energy cleansing does not happen automatically, since it is not required to preserve life. If properly trained, we use about one of our three hours in REM for energy cleansing. Since each minute in hypnosis is equivalent to three to four earth minutes, three to four hours of therapeutic energy cleansing is actually experienced by the individual. It is no wonder that this therapy is so short, successful and popular. The patient is trained in a relatively few number of sessions to be totally independent of the therapist and to attain any goal that is humanly possible. Superconscious mind tapes are given to the patients to assist them in this goal. Another principle to consider is the fact that this energy cleansing brings about an emotional cleansing, which in turn affects a physical cleansing. The true cause of any issue is an energy block, so a superconscious mind tap effectively eliminates the true cause of any issue.


You will note that the arrows always move down from the energy level to the physical state. Occasionally, the superconscious mind can bring about a physical release directly, as in the case of a headache. Cleansing techniques can be done at light, medium or deep trance levels. Visual imagery is not necessary or even
desirable when cleansing is initiated. In order to prevent the defense mechanisms from interfering with this cleansing during one of my sessions, I use a subliminal technique. I speak to the patient in a voice below that of very relaxing metaphysical music playing in the background. Try this script to experience my superconscious mind tap:
Now listen very carefully. I want you to imagine a bright white light coming down from above and entering the top of your head, filling your entire body. See it, feel it, and it becomes reality. Now imagine an aura of pure white light emanating from your heart region, again surrounding your entire body, protecting you. See it, feel it, and it becomes reality. Now only your Higher Self and highly evolved loving entities that mean you well will be able to influence you during this or any other hypnotic session. You are totally protected by this aura of pure white light. In a few moments, I am going to count from 1 to 20. As I do so you will feel yourself rising up to the superconscious mind level where you will be able to receive information from your Higher Self. Number 1- rising up. 2, 3, 4 – rising higher. 5, 6, 7 – letting information flow. 8, 9, 10 – you are halfway there. 11, 12, 13 – feel yourself rising even higher. 14, 15, 16 – almost there. 17, 18, 19 – number 20. You are there. Take a moment and orient yourself to the superconscious mind level.

fh-love3Play New Age Music For 1 Minute

You may now ask yourself questions about any past, present, or future life issue. Or, you may contact any of your guides or departed loved ones from this level. You may explore your relationship with any person. Remember, your superconscious mind level is all knowledgeable and has access to your Akashic records………………. Now slowly and carefully state your desire for information or an experience and let this superconscious mind level work for you.

Play New Age Music For 8 Minutes

You have done very well. Now I want you to further open up the channels of communication by removing any obstacles and allowing yourself to receive information and experiences that will directly apply to and help better your present lifetime. Allow yourself to receive more advanced and more specific information from your Higher Self and masters and guides to raise your frequency and improve your karmic sub-cycle. Do this now.

Play New Age Music For 8 Minutes

All right now. Sleep now and rest. You did very, very well. Listen very carefully. I’m going to count forward now from 1 to 5. When I reach the count of 5 you will be back in the present, you will be able to remember everything you experienced and re-experienced. You will feel very relaxed, refreshed, any you’ll be able to do whatever you have planned for the rest of the day or evening. You will feel very positive about what you’ve just experienced and very motivated about your confidence and ability to play this tape again to experience your Higher Self. All right now. 1, very, very deep; 2, you’re getting a little bit lighter; 3, you’re getting much, much lighter; 4, very, very light; 5, awaken – wide awake and refreshed.

It is not necessary to use subliminals on tapes, as studies show that they are no more effective than non subliminal hypnotic tapes. During a session I can personalize the training instructions so that they are always relevant. This is why subliminals work well in person, but not on tape. Now let us discuss the concept of actually viewing your future. The concept of going forward in time is called age progression. I prefer this term to precognition because the latter implies a mystical and unpredictable, ethereal experience. By further enlisting the aid of the Higher Self through cleansing techniques, you raise your self-image permanently, and this “new you” now contains a set of beliefs that fosters karmic capitalism. You are never too young or old to initiate this process.
A technique I developed several years ago that I refer to as spiritual restructuring will enable you to easily apply self-hypnosis exercises. Here is a sample exercise that is easy to practice and incorporates the basis of this spiritual restructuring.

1. Prepare a list of beliefs and/or behavioral patterns that you would like to change or remove from your awareness. Always maintain a positive approach, so that you list these items in terms of what you would like, rather than what you don’t want. An example would be “I am becoming more motivated and organized” is much preferable to “I
don’t want to procrastinate and fall behind in my work.”
2. Add to your list the situations or times of the day when dysfunctional behaviors or beliefs were exhibited.
3. Now list the advantages of making permanent changes by eliminating these previous beliefs or behaviors.
4. Access your Higher Self by practicing the superconscious mind tap exercises. During one of the open spaces in the script ask your Higher Self to show you specifically how to permanently alter these beliefs, or eliminate the negative behaviors. Reinforce your ability to successfully apply this method by saying to yourself “I am ready, willing and able to initiate cleansing.”
5. While still in trance, direct your focus on the future. Ask your Higher Self to guide you to a future date in which your goals are accomplished. Perceive yourself functioning as an empowered person at this time.
6. Stay in this trance for as long as you like and open your eyes to resume normal conscious mind functioning.

after6Throughout my career as a hypnotherapist I have emphasized two main paradigms. The first one is that we tend to initiate a form of self-defeating sequence whenever a desirable situation presents itself, and our self-image is too low. Second, psychic empowerment is the most important lesson our soul needs to learn during its sojourn on the physical plane. Fear is the main antagonist to psychic empowerment and spiritual growth. If you don’t attain abundance, or any other goal, it is because you don’t feel worthy of this goal, or you fear it. Spiritual principles teach us that we cannot make permanent changes in our behavior and thought processes until we have actually become the person we want to be.
Consider the goal to become financially independent. Now add to this a problem with compulsive spending. Unless you become the person who has overcome compulsive spending, you will never permanently establish yourself as a financially independent karmic capitalist. You may earn significant amounts of money, but you will spend more than you earn and have to earn it all over again. You simply can’t win that way. Age progression is simply moving in the opposite direction from age regression (going backward in time).
Before you write off age progression as wishful thinking, consider the fact that my patients have reported information from the future that they could not possibly control. Whether reading a newspaper headline about a future disaster, correctly obtaining a winning lottery number or ball game score, or a corporate merger of some Fortune 500 company, these events cannot be adequately explained by any other means.
Here is a simple illustration of the space-time continuum, which states that all past, present and future events are occurring simultaneously. This is taken from my book, Soul Healing: Suppose, for example, that you are in a helicopter above a major highway. You look down and see that traffic is stopped because of an accident. At this time you could radio someone in a car five miles behind the scene of the accident and inform the driver of the upcoming traffic problem. Since you are in a helicopter above the traffic flow, you are actually detached from the scene itself. The driver that you are warning is immersed within the flow of traffic. In a sense you are reading the future of this car. If the driver of that car keeps driving on that highway, he will encounter the congested traffic that you are now observing. The helicopter represents another dimensional plane, and on a different plane there is no time as we here on Earth, (or on the highway, in this analogy), know it. To extend the analogy further, note that from the vantage point of the helicopter you could also see what the traffic flow is like behind the car to whose driver you are talking. This would represent the past. The traffic ahead of the driver represents the future, and the traffic that the driver is experiencing now represents the present. You are, in effect, reading the past, present, and future from the helicopter. By leaving the Earth plane or entering into hypnotic trance, you can read the past or future without the restrictions that occur in the waking, or beta, state.

Using hypnotic age progression to view your future is well within the paradigms established by quantum physics. We will discuss those shortly. For our current purpose, this marvelous technique can be applied to viewing the potential outcome of a new job, relationship, investment or geographical move. There are endless uses to this method. Before we go on to more advanced concepts, let me deal with the issue of “forbidden knowledge.” Many of my patients and medical colleagues express concern that I may be violating some universal law by conducting hypnotic age progressions. If patients or tape listeners were not supposed to receive information about their future, my method simply would not work. Your Higher Self is the censor in this case. When you are ready to receive this data it allows you to access it.
If you are not prepared for this information, there is nothing short of consciousness expansion (see chapter 14) that will permit any of this data to “get past the goalie.” There is an old saying in metaphysics, “When the student is ready, the teacher will be there.”


According to quantum physicists, there is not just one future, but an unlimited number of parallel universes or frequencies. My twenty-two years of experience in conducting progressions shows that there are five main paths or frequencies. One of the many advantages of using progression hypnotherapy is to be able to lay out these five paths and choose your ideal path. This ideal frequency will then become your new reality. Your ideal frequency out of these five options never changes. What you are accomplishing by cleansing is improving the quality of each of these frequencies. This has the advantages of:
• Immediately improving your current path, thus allowing you to receive instant positive feedback.
• Maximizing the potential of all of the five frequencies so that each of them will be improved. This also results in your ideal frequency being even more fulfilling.

after2Let us assume that out of your five possible major frequencies number 4 represents your ideal path. If you did not undergo cleansing, frequency 4 would still be your ideal path, but it would not be as empowering or satisfying. You alone have now improved the quality of this ideal frequency, along with the other four by this cleansing.
In addition, if you are not aware of this ideal path, your consciousness will remain on your current, less desirable frequency, and you will be denied this ideal option consciously. Your empowerment is your ability to switch tracks to this ideal frequency. Quantum physicist Fred Alan Wolf states that there is something other than space-time, something not measurable and a redefinition of the laws of physics. It is pure consciousness. It is our alpha brain wave level (electromagnetic radiation), which is what we deal with in hypnotherapy. Conventional therapy refers to this alpha level as the subconscious. Wolf also states that the new physics tells us that our futures (and pasts) are influenced directly with thought. He states that this is not will, but awareness; what we visualize is what we see. There is no physical world without our thoughts about it. If we are “hung up” on the past, we may choose to see the future as we saw the past, and our self-defeating sequences (SDSs) may repeat themselves. If we alter our perception of the present via hypnotic programming, then our altered view may change the future. In other words, we can switch from a less attractive future path (frequency) to a more desirable one.

Cleansing techniques along with positive hypnotic programming in the current awareness, supplemented by the patient’s perception of and cleansing away of energy blocks (factors that lower the frequency vibration rate of our alpha brain wave level) incurred in the past can help place patients on a far more positive and productive path and their frequencies are raised. Many dreams seem to contain fragments of futuristic material, just as they contain fragments from the past. In sleep, the mind appears to wander freely back and forth over the “equator,” an imaginary line between the present and the future. At the deepest level of consciousness there is no sense of the flow of time, only an eternal now in which all events coexist. The future is capable of taking many possible final forms. Only when it congeals into the present does it really exist as an actuality. An interesting sidelight of the idea that we dream the future as well as the past is that it offers an explanation for what is the most common of all psychic experiences: deja vu, “already seen.” This is the strange sensation one sometimes has when encountering a new scene or situation that nevertheless seems oddly familiar. Deja vu may stem from precognitive dreams. If events that were fore-dreamed actually take place, we have the vague feeling that it has all happened to us before. However, we do not remember that we dreamed it. Studies have revealed that almost everyone dreams approximately three hours every night, but only a few of the dreams are remembered on awakening.
Returning to the concept of parallel universes or frequencies, Wolf points out that there are parallel universes in which exist human beings who may be exact duplicates of ourselves, and they may be connected to us through mechanisms available only through quantum physics. In these universes, different choices are being made at the same time you and I make our choices. The outcomes are different and thus the worlds are similar but still different. An indefinite number of futures and pasts can communicate with our present.
Hugh Everett was a graduate student in quantum physics at Princeton University who, in 1957, discovered the concept of parallel universes and used this concept as the basis of his dissertation for his doctorate. Wolf and others state that Everett’s work showed that there are an infinite number of parallel universes. Wolf and Toben use Everett’s metaphor of a flipped coin to illustrate the concept of parallel universes:
For example, when you flip a coin in the air, it lands with heads or tails showing, never both sides at the same time. But the coin’s quantum wave always gives equal probability of heads or tails showing. How can the wave represent reality? Everett and his followers came up with the answer that for each possibility there exists a parallel universe where the event actually occurs. Thus, in one universe the coin lands heads and in another it lands tails. And even more surprising, you are in both universes observing the coin’s fate! You exist in each world. Yet each world is essentially unknown to the other.
Even though there are, theoretically, an infinite number of parallel universes (frequencies), my experience since 1977 with over five thousand progressions suggests that for human beings there are five main frequencies. That is, an infinite number of sub-frequencies exist, but they seem to fall into five main categories and groups. Thus, you may have a million variations of frequency number 1, but the basic framework is similar. Frequencies number 2 through 5 will have very different frameworks or basic events but within each of these groups (frequencies) the framework is similar. Your five frequencies may be quite different from mine, depending upon your subconscious mind’s (soul’s) frequency vibrational rate (level of spiritual growth).

after4Through progression hypnotherapy you can lay out these five paths, select the best one and be programmed for your most attractive future. I refer to the patients who have custom designed their own destiny by undergoing age progression, perceiving their five frequencies and selecting their ideal frequency as the “New-You” technique.
By having the patients perceive their future options in this life, they are empowered to be in control of their own destiny by selecting and being programmed to their ideal frequencies. I personally find this most rewarding. The fact that each and every one of my patients can control his or her own destiny is indeed fulfilling. It also most definitely fits within the theme of this book.
Since the patients have undergone cleansing prior to age progression, they have literally created their own reality and custom designed their future. Because your future circumstances are under your total control, any particular path is a possibility. The quality of your current future frequency constantly changes based upon your present soul’s energy level. I previously explained that once your soul or subconscious reaches a certain energy level, it cannot be lowered. It can either plateau at its current level or raise to a higher one.
You are in complete control of creating this ideal frequency. There are no limits to your potential. You may wish to be rich, famous, and successful at all you attempt; or you may be quite satisfied with a mere modest goal. The choice is yours. No right or wrong, no better or worse are involved in this exercise. The only referee is your Higher Self.

Because of your present focus, which concentrates so exclusively on information gained by conscious reasoning about the data supplied by the five senses, you may be reluctant to believe that one of the innate abilities of a human being is a type of time-travel within that individual’s consciousness. This talent is innate and available to all of us. Scientific breakthroughs use this mechanism. This flash of inspiration is not a cognitive process. The source of this intuition permeates our consciousness from our Higher Self. This intuitive break-through is something akin to compressing all that conscious reasoning time into a “time warp” that then bursts upon the scientist’s consciousness in a flash of inspiration. As Thomas Edison so aptly put it, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” When you access your Higher Self and receive information concerning one of your future frequencies, knowledge not previously possessed by you will enter your awareness. Do not be alarmed by this. You may not even realize that these first few tidbits are indeed a result of contact with your future. It is natural to classify the results of every exercise as your imaginings. Eventually, however, you spot some things that, on reflection, look like new ideas that have a different “feel” to them. At that point you will say to yourself, “Well, I couldn’t have made that up because I didn’t consciously know the information beforehand.”
It is with a little experience and validation that these future events you observed several months ago are now occurring, that confidence in this “New-You” technique finally emerges. Do not contaminate this method with preconceptions of what those attributes of the communication will actually be like. By doing so, you may hinder your recognition of the contact.
The communications from the future may be in the form of a dialogue you hear in your head, just as you hear physically spoken words with your ears. It may be that for you, the contact takes the form of “just knowing” some information came, and recognizing what the information was. It does not have to be in the form of some scene or visualization.
Another word of caution, about the “New-You” technique, concerns the big picture of the universe. Always maintain a high code of ethics when practicing your exercises and initiating subsequent actions. There are actions on your part that are contingent upon the actions of others. Your beliefs will draw those other souls necessary for you to successfully play your particular part and vice versa.
You undoubtedly will suffer some setbacks along the path to success, as I previously discussed. Your beliefs will create those circumstances that will challenge you in ways to your best advantage. You may encounter a particular difficulty on the road to your desired goal, but the lessons learned and advancements made from overcoming this difficulty will be requisite for your success.
Here is a script for age progression. I always recommend making tapes of these techniques. As I stated before, if you would like professionally recorded tapes feel free to contact my office for a comprehensive list of these titles.

after3Age Progression

Now listen very carefully. I want you to imagine a bright white light, coming down from above and entering the top of your head, filling your entire body. See it, feel it and it becomes reality. Now imagine an aura of pure white light emanating from your heart region, again surrounding your entire body, protecting you. See it, feel it and it becomes a reality. Now only your Higher Self, masters and guides, and highly evolved loving entities who mean you well will be able to influence you during this or any other hypnotic session. You are totally protected by this aura of pure white light. Focus carefully on my voice as your subconscious mind has memories of all past, present and future events. This tape will help guide you into the future. Shortly I am going to be counting forward from 1 to 20. Near the end of this count you are going to imagine yourself moving through a tunnel. Near the end of this count you will perceive the tunnel veering off to the left and to the right. The right represents the past; the left represents the future. On the count of 20 you will perceive yourself in the future. Your subconscious and superconscious mind levels have all the knowledge and information that you desire.
Carefully and comfortably feel yourself moving into the future with each count from 1 to 20. Listen carefully now. If you have used this technique before and received information about one or more of your other frequencies, I want you to select a different one to explore. If you have already reviewed your five frequencies and would like to be programmed for your ideal frequency, simply concentrate on the number you have assigned to that ideal frequency and explore that particular path at this time.
Number 1, feel yourself now moving forward to the future, into this very, very deep and dark tunnel. 2, 3 - farther and farther and farther into the future. It is a little bit disorienting but you know you’re moving into the future. 4, 5, 6,7, 8, 9 – it’s more stable now and you feel comfortable, you feel almost as if you’re floating, as you’re rising up and into the future. 10, 11, 12 – the tunnel is now getting a little bit lighter and you can perceive a light at the end, another white light just like the white light that is surrounding you. 13, 14, 15 - now you are almost there. Focus carefully. You can perceive in front of you a door to this left tunnel that you are in right now. The door will be opened in just a few moments and you will see yourself in the future.
The words “sleep now and rest” will always detach you from any scene you are experiencing and allow you to await further instructions. 16, 17 – it’s very bright now and you are putting your hands on the door. 18 – you open the door. 19 – you step into this future, to this future scene. 20 – carefully focus on your surroundings, look around you, see what you perceive. Can you perceive yourself? Can you perceive other people around you? Focus on the environment. What does it look like? Carefully focus on this. Use your complete objectivity. Block out any information from the past that might have interfered with the quality of the scene. Use only what your subconscious and superconscious mind level will observe. Now take a few moments, focus carefully on the scene, find out where you are and what you are doing, why are you there. Take a few moments; let the scene manifest itself.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

Now focus very carefully on what year this is. Think for a moment. Numbers will appear before your inner eyes. You will have knowledge of the year that you are in right now. Carefully focus on this year and these numbers. They will appear before you. Use this as an example of other information that you are going to obtain. I want you to perceive this scene completely, carry it through to completion. I want you to perceive exactly where you are, who you are, the name, the date, the place. I want you to carry these scenes to completion, follow them through carefully for the next few moments. The scene will become clear and you will perceive the sequence of what exactly is happening to you.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

You’ve done very well. Now you are going to move to another event. I want you to focus on a difference in the same future time and in the same frequency. Perceive what is going on and why this is important to you. Perceive the year, the environment, the presence of others. Let the information flow.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

As you perceive the details of the next scene, also focus in on your purpose. Focus in on what you are learning, what you are unable to learn. Perceive any sequence of events that led up to this situation. Let the information flow surrounding this all-important future event now.

Play New Age Music For 3 Minutes

You have done very well. Now I want you to rise to the superconscious mind level to evaluate this future experience and apply this knowledge to other future frequencies and your current life and situations. 1 - rising up. 2 – rising higher. 3 – halfway there. 4 - almost there, 5 – you are there. Again, if you have decided that this is your ideal future path and want to be programmed to it, just concentrate on the number you have assigned to it and any significant events that separate it from the other frequencies. If you are unsure of which is your ideal path, let your Higher Self assist you in making this choice and follow the instructions I previously gave.
Let your Higher Self assist you in making the most out of this experience. Do this now. All right now. Sleep and rest. You did very well. Listen very carefully. I’m going to count forward now from 1 to 5. When I reach the count of 5 you will be back in the present, you will be able to remember everything you experienced and re-experienced. You’ll feel very relaxed, refreshed, and you’ll be able to do whatever you have planned for the rest of the day or evening. You’ll feel positive about what you have just experienced and very motivated about your confidence and ability to play this tape again to experience additional future events. All right now. 1 – very, very deep. 2 – you’re getting a little lighter. 3 – you’re much, much lighter. 4 – very, very light. 5 – awaken.

uni7The Case Of Marla

To illustrate the concept of frequencies and of selecting an ideal path, let us review my former patient Marla. Marla came to my Los Angeles office in the early part of 1990. This thirty-two-year-old secretary was depressed and saw no hope for her future. She was single and had a poor history of relationships with men. Marla wanted to raise a family.
The first step was to conduct “cleansing” sessions with Marla. This resulted in her raising the quality of her subconscious. This subconscious is, after all, electromagnetic radiation and can be purified. After these cleansings were completed, Marla was ready for her progressions. The main purpose of the superconscious mind taps, or cleansing, is to raise the patients’ subconscious mind level, which in turn increases the quality of each of their future frequencies. It also serves to empower them and improve their present status.

It was not difficult for Marla to select her ideal frequency, which was number 4. Only one session was required to “switch tracks” and program her for this future path. Marla’s spectrum was quite typical. Usually one of the frequencies is similar to her life now, and is her current path (number 2 in this example). One frequency is very poor (number 1) and another is below average (number 3). Still another frequency is very good (number 5), while only one is ideal (number 4). As a follow-up, I called Marla to see how she was doing in the spring of 1996. Marla was married to Ted, a successful businessman, and she was the proud mother of a 3 1/2-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter. They lived in Brentwood and Marla owns a small boutique that is doing quite well. As Shakespeare said, “All’s well that ends well.”
Einstein demonstrated that matter and energy are really the same thing with his famous equation E = MC. At certain speeds, physical objects cease to be physical objects as we know them, but fields of electrical force or energy. If an object could travel with the speed of light it would be transformed into light!
If, as with precognition, we are bemused by time, it is not surprising and nothing to feel depressed about. We happen to be upon the Earth, but in other parts of the universe time means something different. Something happening in what we call “the present” could be seen in different parts of the universe at totally different times, according to the distance of the vantage points of the different observers. The time taken for light to travel to different parts of the universe could differ by billions of years. By the same token, time becomes nonsense when we look through a telescope. To us the time is now. Now we can see Andromeda, two million light years away. What happened two million years ago and what happened three hundred years ago appear to us at the same moment. For what we see has traveled toward us with the speed of light, and has taken those differing periods to do so. The further you look out into space, the farther you travel back in time. Time means no more than an opportunity for things to change and for persons to strive - the possibility of progress and improvement. “Reality” is experienced, not as something lasting or everlasting, but timeless. The consequences of your life depend on you alone. You are always in control of your own destiny.